Hair Loss Restoration

The Perrault Procedure

The Perrault procedure involves numerous exquisitely detailed refinements and techniques that maximize aesthetics, yielding stunningly natural results, and minimize invasiveness, making the process much more pleasant and easy for our patients.

"Extreme" emphasis is given to the elements of hair color, texture, caliber, curl quality, the number of follicles per graft, the perfect shaping of each graft, as well as the precise angle, direction, depth and pattern of placement needed to artistically duplicate the many subtle variations of each patient's natural hair.

Our "extreme" perfectionism requires investing more time and effort into a single patient than is typically spent on multiple patients. In fact, many of the factory like techniques employed by other practices would be considered crude by our standards. We fully realize that achieving artistic and technical perfection requires an intense and focused effort. There are no clever "assembly line" shortcuts. We schedule only one procedure per day and give that patient 100%.

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The Perrault Procedure
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