Hair Loss Restoration

Why Consider Dr. Gary L. Perrault?

A Passion for Perfection

Perrault Medical Hair Restoration is a private medical practice directed by Dr. Perrault, not a big business run by a sales staff. Our primary focus is to achieve artistic and technical perfection for every patient. This extreme form of perfectionism has produced many exquisitely detailed refinements and techniques that are unique to our practice. In fact, what most hair restoration practices view as their best results would be considered unacceptable by our standards.


As a Board Certified Surgeon and Specialist in Medical Hair Restoration, Dr. Gary L. Perrault has a vast experience as a practitioner and as a distinguished teacher, having trained prominent physicians throughout the United States in the art and science of hair restoration. He is a Diplomate of The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Perrault has been an innovator of numerous techniques for hair restoration and for the repair of unnatural hair transplantation and post-cosmetic surgery hair loss related problems. He has been widely characterized as an aesthetically sensitive surgeon whose extreme compulsion for detail has produced hair restoration results that exceed world class standards.

Board Certification/Affiliation

  • The National Board of Medical Examiners, Diplomate
  • The American Board of Surgery, Diplomate
  • The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Diplomate
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Fellow
  • The California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Member
  • American Medical Association, Member
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Member

Many practices, especially large ones, will emphasize experience when in reality their medical staff is a hodge-podge of both experienced and newly-trained doctors, nurses, and technicians. In contrast, "all" of our patients are treated by Dr. Perrault, assisted by an experienced and friendly medical staff.


Perrault Medical Hair Restoration is well noted for a tenacious adherence to the very highest ethical standards and a firm commitment to "do what is best for the patient." Our practice is therefore governed by 3 simple rules:

1: Do No Harm
2: Do What is Best for the Patient
3: Do it Perfect

We are also committed to honestly educating each patient not only about options, but also any limitations, thereby assisting each patient in choosing the best option for their specific needs and goals.

Stunning Results

The single most important reason for choosing Perrault is results. Dr. Perrault has been widely characterized as an aesthetically sensitive surgeon whose intense compulsion for artistic and technical detail has yielded the finest hair restoration results in the world. Thousands of happy patients across the United States, Canada, and throughout the world enthusiastically affirm this fact. We consistently hear reports from Dr. Perrault's patients of how their stylists/doctors/family/friends are amazed, unable to tell the transplanted hair from the non-transplanted hair even on close inspection.

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