Hair Loss Restoration

Our Practice

We hope you will find the following pages helpful for gaining a better understanding of the hair loss process, and for learning about the latest advances for restoring natural hair to affected areas.

Dr Perrault is a board certified surgeon with over eighteen years experience in the feild of hair restoration surgery. Dr perrault restricts his practice to micrcosurgical follicular unit transfer, follicular unit extraction, reconstruction and restoration of the scalp and facial hair bearing areas and the diagnosis and treatment of complex clinical presentations of hair loss related problems.

What distinguishes our practice is an intense passion for artistic and technical detail. This "extreme" perfectionism has produced many detailed refinements and techniques that are unique to our practice. It also requires investing more time and effort into a single patient than is typically spent on multiple patients.

Our Procedure

Very different from a conventional hair transplant, MIAFT, or Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Follicle Transfer, is a follicular unit transfer technique developed and advanced by Dr. Gary L. Perrault.

This unique process involves numerous detailed refinements and techniques that maximize aesthetics yielding stunningly natural results, and minimize invasiveness making the process much more pleasant and easy for our patients.

Careful emphasis is given to the elements of hair color, texture, caliber, curl quality, the number of follicles per graft, the perfect shaping of each graft, as well as the precise angle, direction, depth and pattern of placement needed to artistically duplicate the many subtle variations of each patient's natural hair.

Our Services

When evaluating and treating hair loss, we feel it is extremely important to:

  1. Consider the whole patient, not merely the bald spot on the top of their head, and
  2. Utilize all effective options, not only hair transplantation.

This includes a careful consideration of health and nutritional factors that may be the primary cause of hair loss, or make pattern hair loss, i.e. male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, more severe. All effective options are then utilized to enhance healthy hair growth, stop or reverse hair loss and naturally restore hair to areas of advanced and irreversible hair loss or balding. This requires a unique blending of art, nature and science using an array of treatments that may be pharmacologic, nutritional, hormonal, surgical or microsurgical.

We hope you find the following information helpful for gaining a better understanding of the hair loss process, and for learning about the latest advances in preventing hair loss and restoring natural hair to balding areas. For further information, or to schedule a private M.D. consultation please call Kristyn at 310.281.2121 or contact us.

The Perrault Clinic is centrally located in Beverly Hills California, about 15 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. If you are unable to easily come in to Beverly Hills or are living outside the Los Angeles, California area you can still have a private M.D. consultation without leaving the comfort of your own home, click here for MD Consultation by Phone Using Your Photo or Hair Loss Classification and our Travel Reimbursement Program.

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