About Dr. Perrault

Dr. Perrault has a private practice in Beverly Hills, California and over twenty years of experience, treating various hair loss related problems in men, women, and children. He specializes in medical and surgical hair restoration of the scalp and facial hair-bearing areas.

Dr. Perrault is widely known for his artistic sensitivity and has worked with a diversity of patients from throughout the world, including some of the most discriminating and celebrated individuals of our time.

A large part of Dr. Perrault’s practice involves treatment of patients with unsatisfactory hair restoration surgery results, and the repair of scarring and hair loss following reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, and various injuries of the scalp and face.


When evaluating hair loss, Dr. Perrault believes that it is important to:

  1. Assess relevant health and lifestyle factors
  2. Perform a thorough examination, using dermatoscopic and macro photographic techniques
  3. Carefully consider future hair loss and donor supply issues
  4. Review and compare the benefits as well as the risks of different treatment options, such as FUE, FUT, Finasteride, Topical Medications, and other surgical and non-surgical treatments

The initial consultation, with Dr. Perrault, requires a minimum of one hour for most patients.

Little Sprouts International

Pro Bono Work

Dr. Perrault is the founder and director of Little Sprouts International, a non-profit organization that provides life-changing medical care for children worldwide. To find out how you can help support Little Sprouts, visit LittleSproutsInternational.org

Dr. Perrault also donates his time and resources as one of the participating surgeons with Mending Kids International. For more than a decade, Mending Kids International has delivered life-transforming surgical care to children in developing countries around the world. In 2014, a US-based surgical mission serving children in Southern California was established, Hometown Mission: Los Angeles. To find out how you can help support Mending Kids, visit mendingkids.org

Mending Kids International